EPIK Cancer miRNA Panel (BIO-66031)



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UWAGA: Zestaw zawiera wszystkie niezbędne odczynniki (m.in. odczynniki do odwrotnej transkrypcji i reakcji Real-Time PCR)!


Using advanced design concepts, a proprietary algorithm has been developed by MiRXES™ to create modified stem-loop miRNA specific reverse transcription primers and hemi-nested real-time PCR primer combinations, to maximize miRNA detection sensitivity while minimizing non-specific interactions. The assays use SYBR® Green rather than a probe-based system for detection, allowing rapid amplification when required. The resulting real-time PCR assays use SensiSMART™ enabling detection of extremely low levels of miRNA with high specificity, allowing the discrimination between closely related miRNA sequences.

Performance of these assays have been validated to detect as few as 100 copies of template per RT reaction with excellent assay efficiency and linearity, to produce complete systems for miRNA profiling of cancer samples.

The EPIK Cancer miRNA Panel Assay profiles the expression of 352 miRNAs in miRNA differentially expressed in cancer versus normal tissue (see plates). This assay provides cancer researchers with a convenient way to quickly analyse the miRNAs that have been carefully selected based on results published in peer-reviewed journals that suggest a correlation with the dysregulations and functions of miRNAs in various cancers, to allow for profiling of miRNA regulations in order to provide insights into cancer pathogenesis, drug response and recurrence. A set of controls present on this assay along with RNA Spike enables data analysis, assessment of reverse transcription performance and assessment of PCR performance.

EPIK miRNA Panel Assays are intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease.

If you need single assays, please contact Bioline Technical Support for advice.

EPIK miRNA Assays Movie / Dr. Simon Baker


Features & Benefits


- increased sensitivity RT and qPCR steps optimized to drive highly efficient amplification from limiting amounts (≥10pg) of total RNA
- improved specificity pre-designed, novel, miRNA-specific primers for superior discrimination of even very closely related targets
- faster protocol RNA to Ct in less than 2 hours for earlier results and increased throughput capacity
- reliable data 7-log linear dynamic range for accurate quantification of low- and high- expressed targets in even limited sample volumes
- convenience all necessary components included in the kit and formulated to minimize set-up time


Instrument compatibility


Lo-ROX Plate 0.1Y (BIO-66031) = ABI Fast 96-Well Block (0.1 ml, low profile) which is compatible with ABI ViiA7; ABI 7500 FAST; QuantStudio™ 3 Real-Time PCR System FAST; QuantStudio™ 5 Real-Time PCR System FAST; QuantStudio™ 6 Real-Time PCR system FAST; QuantStudio™ 7 Real-Time PCR system FAST; QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR system FAST.



Cancer Array Plates: 2x 4 96 well plates
RT Primer Pool - lyophilized: 4 tubes (A, B, C and D)
RNA Spike - lyophilized: 1 tube
EPIK RT Buffer: 2x 32 µl
EPIK RT Enzyme: 2x 8 µl
2 x SensiSMART™ Master Mix: 2x 4x 1 ml
DEPC Water: 2x 3x 1.8 ml


List of Cancer miRNAs on Plates



Storage & Stability


All components are shipped on dry/blue ice and should be stored at -20°C upon receipt for optimum stability and the RNA Spike stored at -80°C after reconstitution. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles should be avoided. When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, full activity of the reagents is retained until the expiry date on the outer box label.

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EPIK Cancer miRNA Panel (BIO-66031)

EPIK Cancer miRNA Panel (BIO-66031)

Dostawca: BLIRT S.A.

Cena netto, nie zawiera podatku VAT.

Użyty przelicznik: 1 euro = 4,25 zł